Meet Our Team

Meet Our Team


We are a small young and enthusiastic team, with a big focus in customer service. Our aim is to provide our customers not only with the best wines of our speciality, but also with a dedicated day to day administration of each account, personalising each account to its specific needs.

We use London City Bond for our Logistics and have a strong relationship with each of the persons in their team that deals with our stock, our order processing and our distribution. This allows us to let them do what they are best at, and let us do what we are best at, taking care of our customers.

Our sales team has excellent wine knowledge but more than anything, we know how to identify the needs of our customers and are good at building strong long term relationships.

Meet the members of our team:



Solano Peña Lenzi, the Argie boss,

Tel: 079 7662 6072



Daniela Alvarez, the Master of the Service,

Tel: 020 8740 4556



Neil Keeling, the sales Guru and Master of the Sales team

Tel: 075 1553 9328


Tomas Espeche

Tel:0795 8602 957


Customer Service Guru

Tel: 020 8740 4556​